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Visit of Mr. Lv Jiandong
lssue date: 2008.11.08

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In the morning of November 8th 2008, chairman of China food additive & ingredient association Mr. Lv Jiandong, deputy chairman & secretary-general Mr. Qi Qingzhong and vice secretary-general Mr. Du Yazheng visit Futaste. Chairman & general manager Mr. Wang Xingyun, Labor union chairman Mr. Qin Jiali, vice-general manager Mr. Xiong Xianfeng, Mr. Sun Lu, Mr. Zhao Guanghui, Mr. Xie Fakong accompany for the visit.
In the showroom, Mr. Wang Xingyun introduces the development, achievements, production and recycling economy of Futaste, and answers the guests’ questions. All visitors give highly appraise to Futaste achievements.
Chairman Mr. Lv Jiandong and other visitors get to know current production situations in details, and understand more about the effect caused by the global economic crisis. Mr. Lv says, as the vice-chairman unit of China food additive & ingredient association, Futaste needs to discover & pursue new development method and share valuable experiences to the other enterprises of the industry to help for overcoming the crisis. And Mr. Lv gives some suggestions to Futaste: first is to strengthen the talent education, build up sales team and create internal marketing system; And second to develop good products suitable to internal market and having good competition capacity; And third to establish own brand with certain reputation, better for industry promotion and consumers image; And fourth to standard corporation management, reduce production and operation cost and prepare for a long term hard time conditions.
Mr. Wang Xingyun expresses that Futaste will strengthen management, rapidly develop internal market, well prepare for the hard conditions and positively face the problems, try to grasp all challenges and seek for new opportunities under difficult situation, and pursue the successful experiences to the new development of food additive & ingredient industry.    

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