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Futaste D-Xylose Introduction
lssue date: 2019.09.27

Xylose is colorless to white crystal or white crystalline powder, slightly special smell and refreshing sweetness.The sweetness is about 0.6-0.7 times that of sucrose.The relative density is 1.525, the melting point is 144-145 ° C, it is right-handed and optically active, soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol and ether.

The human body can not digest and use xylose, xylose can not be digested by digestive enzymes, but directly absorbed through the jejunal mucosa,Not metabolized in the body, excreted from the kidneys.Therefore, xylose is used as a non-caloric sweetener to meet the needs of diabetics and sweets but also those who are obese.The medical D-xylose absorption test uses the characteristic of xylose to check the intestinal absorption function of the human body. This method is simple, safe and easy to repeat.

In addition to being used as a sweetener, futaste`s xylose can be applied to various fields.
1.Low calorie sweetener,suitable for obese and diabetic patients.It is also used for fat oxidation prevention doses, raw materials for making sauces, and preparation of spices such as pork by Maillard reaction.
2.Xylose has a high proliferative effect on bifidobacteria in the human intestine, and eating xylose can improve the microbial environment of the human body.Improve the body's immunity.The compatibility of xylose with food is very good. Adding a small amount of xylose to the food can show good health effects.
3.Used to prepare xylitol.
4.Due to its obvious taste, it can be used in the spice and pet food industries.
5.It can be used to produce food flavoring agents because it can efficiently cause Maillard reaction.
6.Due to its obvious color-improving effect, it can be used for the coloration of golden brown in the food industry, such as the coloring of butter and bread.
7.Suitable for the preparation of flavors and fragrances.
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