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Honors & Awards

Outstanding Honors

National key high-tech enterprise, Shandong key agriculture industrial enterprise, State food industry excellent technology innovation enterprise, China top 100 enterprise of food additive & ingredients industry, State food safety demonstration enterprise, National agricultural products further processing demonstration project, State recycling economy demonstration enterprise of fermentation industry, China top 20 enterprise of starch sugar industry, China top 500 enterprise of light industry, AAA enterprise credit level.

Company main honors & awards gained from 2006 to 2008

February 2006, “Yucheng city advanced unit on Communist Young League work”, “Advanced unit on society stability”, “Dezhou city foreign trade advanced unit on export”, “Advanced unit on basic Party organization”, “Best ten enterprise on national defense construction”, “Dezhou city youth civilization unit”.

February 2006, “State top 20 enterprise of starch sugar industry”

March 2006, “Shandong key cultivation outstanding export brand”

June 2006, “China Top 500 enterprise of light industry”

November 2006, “China Quality-Benefit Model Enterprise of Food Industry”

April 2007, “Shandong richening people & prospering province award”, “Shandong harmonious labor relationship enterprise” and “Shandong advanced enterprise of spirit civilization”

September 2007, “Shandong enterprise culture construction model of light industry”

September 2007, “State food safety demonstration enterprise”, “Shandong top 10 self-innovation brand of light industry”

October 2007, pass the second assessment on Shandong famous brand award.

November 2007, “AAA credit level of fermentation industry”

December 2007, “Shandong advanced growth-type enterprise of light industry”

January 18th 2008, Chairman of board Mr.Wang Xingyun was awarded “National labor model of light industry”

April 2008, Chairman of board Mr.Wang Xingyun was awarded “Shandong labor model”, and “Sequential simulated mobile bed” technology gains the “Practical new patent” from state intellectual property office

May 2008, “Shandong key enterprise for agriculture industrialization”, “Derive Dulcitol from Xylose syrup” research gains “China excellent technology award of light industry”

December 2008, “Futian” trademark was evaluated as “China well-known trademark”

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