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Product Name: Sorbitol
Molecular Formula: C6H14O6
CAS Registry No.: 50-70-4
Characters: White crystalline powder

I. Sorbitol – Low calorie sweetner
Sorbitol is good taste and low calorie sweetner, it is anti-cariogenic and good for producing all kinds of low calorie, low sugar and low fat products.
Sorbitol is used as sweetener in many kinds of products, it is also good moisturizer and stabilizer besides offering sweet taste. Sorbitol has 60% sweet taste and 2/3 calorie as sucrose, being used in the food industry for more than half century, and also other industries like medicine and cosmetic.
A French chemist first found Sorbitol in the ashes of strawberry plants, and discovered that Sorbitol is in fruits and strawberry plants.    Today Sorbitol is got from glucose after hydrogenation, has liquid and crystalline products.
Sorbitol is approved its safety in food (GRAS) by FDA of USA, and also gets approved in Europe and other regions.

Advantage of Sorbitol
Sorbitol is used as moisturizer in many products, and can be added to in confectionery, bakery foods and chocolate, to well avoid food getting dry or hard by its moisture & stable capacity.
Sorbitol is very stable and not active in the chemical reaction, and will not have Maillard Browning Reaction when get heating. Sorbitol is good to produce biscuits with bright colors and no need to worry about browning color, and also is good to mix used with other additives like sucrose, gel, protein and vegetable fat. And Sorbitol can be used in many other products like gums, confectionery, frozen dessert, biscuit, cake, sugar-coat, and also some oral hygiene products like toothpaste, mouthwash and etc.

Sorbitol Characters

*    Good sweetener
*    1/3 less calorie than sucrose (2.6 cal/g)
*    Good moisturizer, stabilizer and anti-crystallization agent
*    Can be widely used in many kinds of food, including sugar-free confectionery, gums, frozen dessert, bakery food and etc.
*    Anti-cariogenic
*    Can be used to add sweet for diabetic.

Sorbitol’s anti-cariogenic
Sorbitol will not fermented acid by oral bacteria as when people consume sucrose and starch, can effectively avoid cavities and plaques. FDA of USA approves the sugar-free food added with Sorbitol can be marked also “Anti-cariogenic”.
Sorbitol added in food for Diabetic
To better control the diabetes is to control the glycaemic, lipid and weight. As being absorbed very slowly, Sorbitol can reduce the utilization of insulin when adjusting the sugar level during the anabolism. Sorbitol has very low calorie value (Sorbitol 2.6 cal/g but sucrose 4.0 cal/g) and is good to control weight. Sorbitol can be used instead of sucrose in many low calorie and sugar-free products for diabetic.
Sorbitol’s safety
The safety of Sorbitol has got approved by many scientific literatures, and you can find none report about any dangerous of Sorbitol. You may feel little diarrhea when consume more than 50g Sorbitol per day, while Europe Food Committee also accepts that Sorbitol can be used safely in the food without any specific limitations.

II. Sorbitol – Physical and chemical characters (MSDS)
Melting point: 95℃
Density: 1.47
Water-solubility: easy soluble in water
Stability: Stable, avoid strong oxidant and moistureproof
Toxicity: No dangerous
Transportation: Can be air parcel, ocean shipping or land-carriage, no specific requirements.

III. Sorbitol – Identifications and Standards

1. Standards: CP2000,USP24,BP2000
2. QC Identifications

Liquid Sorbitol (GB7658-87(91)

IV. Sorbitol – Packing Size
1. Crystalline Sorbitol and Parenteral Sorbitol: 25kg/bag, complex bag with plastic inner bag; 25kg/drum, fiber drum with plastic inner bag.
2. Liquid Sorbitol: 250kg/drum. Tel86 534 7269256 Fax86 534 2125289
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