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Dulcitol is also called Euonymus alcohol or Galactitol, is a colorless columnar monoclinic crystalline powder. It tastes slightly sweet, and is difficult to resolve in cold water and alcohol, easily resolve in boiling water, mesomeric and non-optical activity.

Molecular formula is C6H14O6 and weight is 182.18, melting point 188~189℃, Dulcitol belongs to biochemical reagents, mainly is used in bacterial identification and medium formula, is a necessary and important sugar alcohol for microbe research, prevention and treatment of disease. Meanwhile Dulcitol injection is also a very important medicine to cure Rheumatoid and anti-leukemic. When put Dulcitol and Bromine together for hydrogenation, you can get a better bacterial inhibitor which is called 1.6 dibromo 2nd deoxidization Dulcitol and is very useful for treatment of myeloid leukaemia, this new Dulcitol is better than the function of the traditional 1.6 dibromo 2nd deoxidization Mannitol, and can obviously reduce the dosage. And Dulcitol can also be used for shaping the medicine to improve the appearance and stability of the tablets. Tel86 534 7269256 Fax86 534 2125289
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