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Product Name: L-Arabinose or Pectin Sugar
Molecular Formula: CH2OH(CHOH)3CHO及C5H10O5    
CAS Registry No.: 87-72-9

Main Characters:

L-Arabinose is a monosaccharide, widely existing in plants, and normally combined with other monosaccharide to be changed to polysaccharide and existing in mucus, hemicellulose, pectin acid, bacterial polysaccharide and other indicans. Some free L-Arabinose can normally be found in the duramen of the Coniferae (like redwood).
Arabinose has 8 Stereoisomers, usually is β-L-Arabinose and β-D-Arabinose. The natural L-Arabinose is normally the reaction result of D-Xylose isomerized by UDP derivatives from enzyme. There are very few D-Arabinose existing in the nature, only in some bacterial polysaccharide, and D-Arabinose can be got from D-Glucose after decomposition. β-L-Arabinose is white crystalline, with melting point 159~160 ℃, relative density 1.625 and specific optical rotation +190.5°→ +104.5°(C=3), soluble in water. β-D-Arabinose is white crystalline, with melting point 155.5~156.5 ℃, relative density 1.625 and specific optical rotation -175°→ -108°(methanol – water solution), soluble in water.    

Where can we use L-Arabinose:

L-Arabinose can take metabolic role to sucrose in the intestines, and can stop the conversion. L-Arabinose has very good application future to reduce weight and control diabetes.

L-Arabinose, as a low calorie sweetener, is approved to be used as a safe food additive by US FDA and Japan. The most representative feature of L-Arabinose is that it can selectively affect the sucrose enzyme which influences the sucrose digestion in disaccharide-hydrolysing enzymes in small intestine, and so L-Arabinose can well stop the absorption of sucrose in body.
L-Arabinose is a non-calorie natural compound sweetener, and it is good to anti-obesity, prevention & cure high-blood-sugar and diabetes.
L-Arabinose can also be used as the pharmaceutical intermediate, and to be used for preparation of bacterial culture medium in bio-tech area and synthetic of fragrance and flavors.

US Medical Association approves to use L-Arabinose as the nutritional supplements or non-prescription drugs for anti-obesity. Japan approves L-Arabinose to be the special health-care food additive for adjusting blood sugar.

Use L-Arabinose in function foods for weight control or for diabetes patients:

Use concerned enzymes to treat the fiber raw material that contains Araban, Arabinoxylan and Arabinogalactan, and then produce food together with these materials after enzyme treatment and also L-Arabinose after further treatment.
Produce fruit juices, vegetables with L-Arabinose. Use enzyme treatment to fruit juices or vegetables juice residue, and then add the finished material that already contains L-Arabinose to the juices you want. Tel86 534 7269256 Fax86 534 2125289
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