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Isomalt is also called Palatinitol or Longevity sugar, it uses sucrose as raw material, gets Iso-malt sugar first from α-glucose redicel transferase, and then gets Isomalt from Iso-malt sugar after hydrogenation. The sweetness of Isomalt is only 0.5 - 0.6 times as much as sucrose, pure natural polyol with pure sweetness and without any after bitter taste.
Isomalt was first researched and produced in Germany, and had got wide attention by its distinct characters along with more human beings care to the health. The sales amount of Isomalt increases rapidly in Europe, USA and Japan, and also reach several thousand tons in China these years. The Isomalt are mainly produced by two enterprises in Germany and Japan.

Isomalt, as a good sweetener, can be used in confectionery, drinks, chocolate, gums, ice cream, jelly, jam, cake, daubing food/paste, table-use sweet flavoring and etc. The advantages of Isomalt are:
①    Safe and good to be used by diabetic, hyperlipidemia patients. Isomalt is hard utilized by the digestive enzyme of human body, almost non-absorption, will not cause rising of blood sugar and insulin level.    
②    Anti-carigogenic. Isomalt is not utilized by oral bacteria incl. S.matans that normally cause cariogenic, so will not yield many dissoluble dextran and lactic acid after consuming. Isomalt is a better sweetner to Children for anti-cariogenic purpose.
③    Isomalt is a good proliferation gene of bifidobacterium. Although Isomalt will not be utilized by body and most of bacteria enzyme, it can be used by the bifidobacterium in intestine of body, to promote the proliferation and balance the micro condition of intestine, good to human health.
④    Pure sweetness, pure natural, can be used with other sweetener to cover other’s after taste.
⑤    Low calorie. Isomalt only contains 50% caloric value of sucrose, and also it is almost not utilized by body, so Isomalt can be said zero calorie to human being, good to hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity patients and people want to control weight.
⑥    Stable chemical and physical features. Isamalt is one kind of polyol, no reducing, very stable, non-hydrolysis under strong acid or alkali situation, no production of pigment under high temperature, and more than 10 times as stable of sucrose. Not have chemical reaction with other ingredients in food, like the Maillard Browning Reaction with aminophenol.
⑦    High tolerance. Many sweeteners like Sorbitol, Xylitol, Hydrogenated glucose syrup, Maltitol
syrup and other oligosaccharides will cause lack of adaptations like abdominal distention, gastrointestinal discomfort or diarrhea, and so FAO/WHO all regulate the max dosage of them, while Isomalt is well accepted by human body and non-discomfort even with consuming 50g per day, so FAO/WHO approved that Isomalt can be free limitation for its daily dosage.
⑧    Non-moisture absorption. Very low moisture absorption compared with sucrose, glucose and other oligosaccharides, and it is near no moisture absorption when under 25 ℃ temperature and relative humidity70%, to well guarantee Isomalt will not cause pasty or tacky condition when being used to produce confectionery as raw material.

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