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Product Name: Erythritol
CAS Registry No.: 149-32-6
Molecular Formula: C4H10O4
Molecular Weight: 122.12

Erythritol – Natural and healthy sweetner
Erythritol is a natural and healthy polyol, white crystalline, chemical name is 1, 2, 3, 4 D- Four Alcohol, widely existing in fruit and fermented food by low content.

Erythritol Function
Compared with other polyol, Erythritol has many distinct functions and advantages. Because of its small molecular weight, Erythritol can be almost all absorbed quickly in the cerebellum without joining anabolism, and quickly being discharged out of body by urine. And so Erythritol has the lowest calorie among all polyols, only no more than 0.2therm/g being absorbed in body while the most calories are discharged with filth.

No Gastrointestinal Discomfort
By many experiments, Erythritol is the highest of the acceptance in body compared with other polyols. When consume normally, it will not cause the gastrointestinal comfort, for example, the max dosage not causing diarrhea of Sorbitol is 0.24g/kg weight, while Erythritol can be 0.80g/kg weight, it is nearly the 2 or 3 times more than the max dosage of Xylitol, Maltitol, Isomalt and Lactol, and 3 or 4 times more than Mannitol and Sorbitol. Also in some clinic experiments, Erythritol will not affect level of glycaemic and insulin, good to use for diabetic.

Normally fermented glucide will be potential cariogenic, while Erythritol will not be used by oral bacteria and no harm to teeth. In the germiculture experiments of bacteria in vitro and in vivo, Erythritol can possible restrain the fermentation of some glucide by oral bacteria.

Combined Sweetness
One single polyol’s sweetness will be only 60% - 70% of sucrose, while better sweet taste can be obtained when it is combined using with other polyols esp. strong sweetner like Aspartame and Stevioside. And some stimulating taste can be covered up by only add 1% -3% Erythritol in the solution, to better improve the flavor of the solution.

Erythritol Use in Food Industry
As Erythritol has many distinct characters like natural, low calorie, anti-cariogenic, none moisture absorption, high stability and quick absorption, it is widely used in food industry. In recent years, consumers care more about the safety, nutrition and health balance of the food, and low calorie and sugar-free food become more and more popular, Erythritol then comes to be a reliable choice to add in drinks, confectionery, bakery food, sweetness flavoring and other functional foods.

Confectionery industry is now facing a change from traditional products to sugar-free & healthy products, and a better substitution product is needed to be instead of sugar, Erythritol takes the opportunity and is widely used in confectionery industry accordingly. For production of gums, Erythritol has high heat absorption to make a longer and refreshing cooling sensation, it can be singly used or mixed with other polyols to improve the quality of the product like prolonging the shelf life, improve the flexibility and the coat adherence. For production of chocolates, high temperature refining is the most important procedure, Erythritol by its heat stability and low moisture absorption can help to refine product under higher temperature to improve the flavor of chocolate and make the product have lighter color, be more crispy and smooth, cooling and refreshing.

Bakery Food
Erythritol is used widely in bakery food, the dosage in some biscuits, cakes and cookies can be over 10%, and it is good to improve the stability of baking and prolong the shelf life. By concerning experiments, Erythritol can be mixed with Maltitol and be totally instead of sucrose to produce high quality, low calorie and sugar-free bakery food.

Erythritol is very stable in acid situation, and thus can be used in both traditional and new type of low calorie drinks. By experiments, Erythritol can improve the sweetness, thickness and smoothness of the drinks, and also reduce the bitter taste, cover the unfreshing taste to improve the whole flavor of the drinks. By its good heat stability, Erythritol will not have Maillard Browning Reaction during the production, and can be added in drinks needed Pasteurization and high temperature sterilization.

Meal Flavoring or Seasoning
Erythritol can be flavoring or seasoning for the meal to improve the taste and cover the bad after-taste. Erythritol can offer similar taste, crystalline structure and density as sucrose,and being as crystalline also has good fluidness and stability to become good carrier for strong sweetener.

Erythritol is testified its safety by many animal toxicity experiments and clinic experiments, it is easily absorbed but not utilized by anabolism. Many countries have approved the application of Erythritol in food.

Safety Character (MSDS)
Other names of Erythritol: meso-erythritol , erythrol, phycitol
Molecular Formula: C4 H10 O4
CAS Registry No.: 149-32-6
Appearance: White crystalline or crystalline powder
Melting point: 122℃
Boiling point: 330℃
Density: (g/cm3) 1.45
Water-solubility: soluble in water
Stability:    Stable, antipathic to strong oxidant
Transportation: no specific requirements, can be air-ferry, ocean shipping or land-carriage
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