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A-K Polyol

Product Name: Acesulfame-K
Molecular Formula: C4H44
Characters: White crystalline powder; Strong sweet taste, about 200 times stronger than sucrose (3% sucrose solution); odorless, non-moisture absorption, high solution capacity, good stability when get heating or react with acid; non-fermentation by microbe in food production; safe consumption, innocuity and no side-effect; no anabolism, can control calorie absorption and so good for obesity and hypertensive; not raise glycaemic, good for diabetic, anti-cariogenic; widely used in food, drinks, medicine, commodity, sweetener; offer healthy image to products added in A-K (refreshing, teeth protective, sugar-free, low calorie); reduce production cost, guarantee or prolong shelf life; mix use with sucrose, xylitol and other sweeteners, to obtain a better taste and effect.

Where can we use A-K:
1.In food production, like drinks, confection, preserved fruit and etc, can be used instead of sucrose without any change of the flavor.
2.In commodity field, like cosmetic, toothpaste and etc.
3.In feeding stuff industry, like feeding sweetener.
4.For consumption of diabetic and obesity instead of other sugars.
5.In pharmacy field, to make sugar-coat, syrup and etc.

How to use A-K:
A-K can be used single in food or mixed with other sweeteners for a better taste and function. And A-K can also be used together with many other sweeteners, and will get a stronger sweet taste when being used with Xylitol.

A-K Safety:
Shown in many research results, A-K will not affect normal function of human being, will not make derivatives by anabolism, and will be discharged without any change and no residues. A-K can be used by healthy people and also safe for diabetic, obesity and patients with cardiovascular disease. There are no adverse effect reports on using A-K during last 10 years in Europe, and FAO/WHO experts committee of U.N. agreed and also recommended A-K as Grade A food additive in 1993, while USA approved it in 1988. Until now there are more than 30 countries approve the use of A-K as food additive.
According to the standard from USA Medicine and Food Management Bureau, adult can consume 15mg/kg (by weight) per day, that means an adult of 60kg weight can take about 900 mg A-K per day similar to have as much sweet as 180g sugar, is already nearly 2 times of current average daily consumption of the sugar.
Chinese government approved A-K in Dec 1991, can be used in drinks, ice creams, gums, cakes, jams, pickles, confections (the most usage is 2g/kg) or desktop separate adding material.

1.A-K usage and dosage:

2.A-K packing size
Products meet the standards of FCCV, BP, EP, FAO/WHO and JECFA, use carton or cardboard drum, with double-layer plastic or aluminum foil inner bag, cardboard tray and plastic film airproof. For your convenience, we can offer you different smaller packing size, 1kg/bag, 10kg/bag or according to your requirements.

A-K (Acesulfame) is white crystalline powder, 200 times stronger sweet taste than sucrose, is a new type of sweetener with high sweetness. Good to use in food, for higher quality, lower production cost and also healthy image.
A-K is safe to use since last 1990s in Europe and USA, innocuity and non-side-effect, is approved by FAO/WHO as Grade A food additive. A-K is approved to be safely used in food in more than 80 countries including America, England, Germany, Japan and etc. Coco cola and Pepsi had already used big amount of A-K in their sugar-free drinks. A-K has got approved in China as food additive in 1992, its usage range and dosage are recorded inside    GB2760-1996, and now there are many Chinese food/drinks enterprises using A-K to obtain a better taste & image of product and same time lower own production cost.

A-K application range (GB2760-1996 and 1997-1999 added content)

3.A-K characters
◆High Safety.FAO/WHO has approved the safety of A-K by long term toxicology experiments and the safety check, and proved that A-K is a safe sweetener (GRAS). A-K does not affect anabolism, not produce calorie, not affect sugar level and anti-cariogenic.
◆Good status.A-K has good solubility in water, and stable to light, heat, acid, alkali and microbe, no moisture absorption in the air and good applicability in different area.
◆Pure taste.A-K has quick sweet sensation after dissolved in mouth, natural and refreshing, is an ideal sweetener to sugar-free food when mixed with Aspartame, Sorbitol, Xylitol and etc. Similar sweetness as sucrose when being used with Aspartame by 1:1, and can higher 50% sweetness to nearly 300 times stronger sweetness than sucrose. A-K can also be used together with many other sweeteners to obtain obvious combination effect.

A-K (Acesulfame) is a new type of powerful sweetener, is widely used in modern food industry. A-K has pure sweet taste very similar as sucrose, strong sweetness about 200 times of sucrose. Easily soluble in water, no calorie, no effect to anabolism, A-K is an ideal sweetener to obesity and diabetic. As A-K has high stability even under 225 ℃, it can be mixed with other sweeteners to obtain stronger taste and effect, normally can increase 30% sweetness compared with normal solution concentration. Tel86 534 7269256 Fax86 534 2125289
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