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Career Development

We believe that for a good talented people “moral” is the necessary condition and “intelligence” is the sufficient condition. The basic standard to “moral” part is obeying to the law, society responsibility, identifying & following to Futaste value, honesty to career and serious work attitude; and the standard to “intelligence” part is well qualified to job requirements and ability to realize outstanding work achievements.

Futaste understands that career achievement is one part in personnel’s life dream, and Futaste will offer you a perfect progress environment to help you realize your ideal dreams since you join in Futaste family.

Futaste always put talent cohesion on the first place, and make following efforts on:    
1、Enhance talents training, improve whole staff quality. To produce high-tech products, we need high-quality employees. In recent ten years, Futaste always implements the talents training as the key strategy, spends more than RMB 200,000 each year on the training courses, in total more than RMB 8 million until now. By the professional training courses these years, Futaste educated 3 MBA masters, 10 Engineering masters, 506 experts of various work scope, and reach 100% training coverage rate to all employees. Futaste gains a powerful staff team from these efficient and useful trainings and thus builds up a solid foundation for future fast development.
2、Enforce combination of production and research, and cooperate with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Agricultural Academy of Sciences, Qinghua University, Tianjin University, Fudan University, Shandong University, Jiangnan University and etc for their professional technical direction, to timely grasp the most advanced technology of the world. Futaste invites Professor You Xin and other 12 famous specialists to be the senior consultants for technical and marketing cases. These specialists provided with their valuable experiences and knowledge in technology innovation, marketing development and operation management, also trained a group of key professional staff for Futaste.    
3、Build up internal competition system, and to utilize the most suitable employees. Futaste keeps establishing a scientific competition system, to better realize the harmony between personnel value and corporation value. Futaste awarded the employees who distributed good innovation ideas and made excellent achievements. Since 1995, Futaste prized in total more than RMB 3 million on awards of technical innovation, technical improvement and scientific suggestions, and also selected 5 suitable employees to join in management team and 110 employees to become the team leaders in workshops and different departments.
4、Improve environment to offer a strong support to staff. Futaste pays more attention on resolving the living and research environment of employees, not only arrange suitable work to employees’ family members but also provide attractive policy on apartment purchase, and implement the annual salary system to most promote the enthusiasm of employees to grow up & be devoted for Futaste. Until now Futaste invests more than RMB 11million to build up Shandong Xylose (Xylitol) R&D center and Futaste Technology Center to update the software and equipments for a more comfortable research environment. These R&D centers have more than 130 suits of advanced equipments and facilities, more than 112 professional research experts, in total make research on 33 projects until now and 15 among them reach the international level, 5 of them fill the gaps of China. Futaste R&D center gains 4 awards from state and province for its technology innovation achievements. Tel86 534 7269256 Fax86 534 2125289
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